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Jae Convoy


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anyone going up to jae from east london/essex way on saturday?

we can have a little convoy up there.

*if there already is one, tell me where to meet and ill be there!

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Sunday is the more popular day to go from Essex. (met some of the convoy group last week).

I will be there all weekend and not joining the Essex convoy as I live 15 mins from the JAE site.

You could go with darkblueturbo on Sat. I know he is a good convoy driver as i travelled with him from northants to southend last week.

Even if you go alone, you are bound to see lots of other cars on route

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I'm driving from north Essex on Saturday but I'm going over via the A14 (Suffolk & Cambridgeshire). It's the quicker route for me - Thurrock is a long diversion! I might be performing some last minute cleaning jobs so I couldn't say for sure when I'm leaving.

TIP: When I lived in Luton, I did my best to avoid the M1 northbound during the rush hours. The M1/A414 Hemel junction is particularly nasty.

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