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Some help if possible

I recently had my rear wheel bearings changed on my Avensis. Since this the ABS warning light has been on.

Is there any way of resetting this without having to go to a dealer?

Thankes in advance.

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It sounds something had happened to the speed sensor when the wheel bearings were done. i.e. damaged the speed sensor, forgot to re-couple the connectors etc. It could be among other things, but if the ABS light stays on after the wheel bearing replacement, it is very likely to do with the speed sensors on each wheel. Can't you take it back to the place where you got your bearings done?

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Aye take it back. Resetting it is not the issue. The issue is why it's on. As previously said, they have probably disturbed/not re-connected the speed sensors.

Take it back and call em a bunch of muppets for not checking everything was a'ok.


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