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Heat Shield For My K&n?


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Ok.. here goes.. i'm sure you all know that i aint all that clued up on engine tuning so i have a question for ya...

It seems that my new celica enigine seems to get very hot on the left side of the engine bay more than my old Celi..(dunno why)

Now i knwo that this greatly effects the preformance of the air induction kit as it needs cold air to work better now my question is this..

Can i get some kinda heat shield to block some of the heat cummin from the engine?

I have VERY ROUGHLY drawn on a pic what i mean...

if you can help on this then i would become a happy bunny... :yes:


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Can't be a bad idea!!!

Best to have a cold air feed though :D

Says me he he. Still gotta sort mine out yet :blink:

there is one in that pic... The original one for the Air filter that was taken off..

I also fed another one through today which is cool now just need to tie it in place although i dont think it will move otta place even if i dont...

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