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Bubbly Alloy


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Hi everyone im new and just recently bought my first long awaited Rav4! Ive got a 3dr xt3 Rav4 2004 reg in dark grey and i love it!!

:help: Advice is welcome on what you think i should do regarding the bubbly paint on my alloys. The alloys are not damaged or rusting however i did notice yesterday when washing the car that each alloy has a number of bubbly areas. Its nothing that ive used thats made this happen-ive only had it 3 weeks. Will toyota repair/replace the alloys?

Thanks in advance

Shazzy. :D

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Assuming it's done less than 60 000 miles I would have thought they would be fine with it - pop in and ask. I got my Lexus alloys changed after 15 000 miles under warranty because of surface corrosion / bubbling.

I guess it's the fronts ?

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Its done 13000 and was originally a toyota test car then sold to one owner before me. Its actually bubbly on all four alloys but seems worse on the front than the back. I will give them a call and ask.

I have just had mine changed on my 2003 D4D GX 5 door. 3 wheels were showing signs of bubbling but Toyota changed all 4 just one month before the warranty ran out. I have now extented the warranty for a further 2 years but the wheels are not covered by Toyotas extended warranty.

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Thats great thanks for the info. I feel more positive now that they will sort it all out for me!! Ive had that much bad experience with vw dealers that they have put me off dealers so im hoping Toyota will be a lot better.

Thanks. :thumbsup:

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