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First Diesel Aygo


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I'm getting a 1.4D Aygo Sport next week and am planning to get it lowered -35mm and get 16inch rims with 40 series tyres fitted the same day.

Does anyone know how this will affect the warranty?


Just out of interest why are you getting the diesel as opposed to the petrol version?

And SMW will probably point you in the right direction to answer your question.

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Any Toyota parts fitted will not affect warranty - for example TTE springs and rims, TRD filters etc. as they are classed as OEM.

Other after market parts will affect warranty so be careful. There are a few after markets which although not Toyota are classed as OEM, for example K & N filters but I'm not aware of any rims or springs aside TTE which fall into this category.


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well here in portugal it's like this you only lose the warranty if you go to another car shop and you change something in the motor or in the gearbox, but if you go to another car shop and change tha parts for Toyota parts it's ok you don't lose it and btw you don't lose it if you change the car outside or inside just if you change the motor and gear box with material that's not autorized or that's not part of toyota trade mark


BTW is that diesel HDI or D4D??? probably an HDI motor right?

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Buying a diesel version of the Aygo in my opinion is a waste of money.

I read in a motoring column that you would have to drive 250,000 miles before the extra expense is justified and you break even.

Unless you are doing intergalactic mileage of course.

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Spoke with dealer on the day that I pickedup the car and told them it was being dropped -30mm (on PI springs, approx. £80) and having 16s with 195x40 Dunlop S9000s (only Dunlop and Continental make a 16x195 tyre, so they are quite prices at about £68 each - but the light weight of the car, even the diesel means that they should last a while!) and they said as long as the mods caused no abnormal rubbing the warranty would be ok.

45series rubber on 16s doesn't work, the fronts rub under full lock. The 40s don't (the do have a slightly smaller rolling adius than the original 155x14x65, i.e. speedo will read a little quicke - better than slower for plod anyway. I've bought the diesel vairant, because I do make some 440 mile round trips and at 70mph the diesl is only pulling 2500 rpm, it's very quiet ad torque has benefits. I drove the petrol vaiant and loved the light engine and the low inertia and excellent handling, but was concerned that 440 miles at high revs would not be ideal - I've made my bed and will have to lie in it!

It'll be interesting to see what the mpg is now, the wider tyres will have some bearing, but the 40 series profile necessitates 38psi, so it may balance itself out.

The PI springs have made the ride less harsh than original, but the offsde front was a !Removed! to fit (leg wouldn't come offf, then wasn't for going back on!, backs take 10 mins, front nearside was very easy also , spent most of yesterday in the garage (www.pembertontyresco.uk - now experiences Aygo lowerers!). Dropping it did cause the tracking to tow out 0.5 degree, so if you're dropping yours get it checked as part of the job.

I'm in the process off establishing if the engine can be remapped for a little more oomph! perhaps not immediately, but like most diesle engines, I bet that there is quite a bit of untapped potenial in there.

Going to London and back (400 miles) tomorrow should be able to test the above.

How do I upload a picture?

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My original pics are on my laptop that has a knackered power switch. I'll take some more this weekend and load them onto my PC at work.

Car has done 1200 miles so far, no probs and the springs definately have a different feel than the standard ones, they are progressively wound.

On the trips I've done I've seen the car return about 68 mpg and that includes 80 mph motorway driving, so very pleased and at that speed it is pulling less than 3000 rpm.

There is one niggle at the moment in that, since I got it the steering wheel is very slightly off centre (to the left). I took it back to the dealer who can't track it on his machine with the new wheels on (???), so it is being booked back in and they will put standard wheels on to do the work. Apparently the 'settings' on the machine don't allow for the 16's. Seems a bit strange as the car can only track square and be adjusted for towing in or out. I'm surprised that rim diameter/width impacts this, but I'll take their word for it.

The next thing is they'll notice it has been lowered and blame this, but the steering alignment has been an issue since day 1, i.e. 2 days before it was lowered. When it was lowered it did need adjusting to compensate for being 0.5 degrees towing out, but still all square afterwards.

I can only take the car on Saturdays, so it is booked in for 3rd June - I'll let you know what happens.

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Car has done 1200 miles so far, no probs and the springs definately have a different feel than the standard ones, they are progressively wound.

So would you say they are harsher and you feel small road bumps and rough surfaces more or are they overall a lot firmer ?

I've always changed the suspension on my cars (and Traceys) but hate when the start feeling harsh over poor road surfaces and become uncomfortable. Obvioulsy the fact you have wet to 16s will have a big impact on the harshness and I won't put any larger than 15s on Traceys car. Would be good to get a bit more explanation if you don't mind.


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Ok, overall springs, I think are a more compliant in day to day driving and have inproved the ride. When they are leaned on more heavily they do firm up and reduce body roll significantly as hoped. Your right that that the wheels and tyres have some bearing on the overall ride though.

I'd have to say that I do have more tyre noise (as you'd expect) and I do feel some bumps more because of the low profile tyres and because I am running them at 38 psi to protect the rims.

An interesting aside is that fuel economy hasn't really suffered with the new wheels on. If I take the official Toyota figures, I'm getting very close to, if not better than the quoted mpg - based on very mixed driving, some motorway (400 mile roundtrips, a lot of dual carriage way and some A + B roads - I've done 1400 miles and I'll have had the car 1 month on 20th May, so I think the mpg I'm getting is now over enough and varied driving miles to be fairly accurate and representative of what I will get from the car). Going to London again on Monday, so will probably have done 2000 mile in first month - probably a good job I got the diesel!

The things I am finding that I might like to change, if Icould, are mainly little things, like slightly heavier sterring (a bit more feel would be nice) - but based on the cars main target market, i.e. city driving, I do understand why it is light, rear handles with a hook to hang a suit jacket, not getting water dripping into the car when you open the rear hatch after it has rained, i.e. no gutter type mechanism. Nothing that is detracting from the overall car though.

Hope this helps.

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