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Oil Vapour Catch Cans..on N/a


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apparently rev3's have them, before that they don't. Seems if you want an easy induction pipe straight samco or alike with no mess, a catch can can be installed instead of feeding back into induction pipework.

I was thinking about this, its seems sense as oil vapour will be hot. Hot air into induction = bad, remove it to catch can = good.

Anyone know any more about this? catch can i guess will send oil caught back to engine i presumme? how does the plumbing go??

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We use them all the time. Just run a hose from the cam cover breather to a catch can (i make them out of alloy) and make sure you use a k&n filter or similar on the top of the can to allow the engine to still breathe. Last thing you want to do is over pressurise the head.

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Ok just ordered all the samco and breather filter etc i need to sort my engine bay, just the catch can left...i called fensport and they only do large diameter pipe ones, the n/a need between 9 / 11 mm they do 15mm for the turbo so any one got any suggestions? :(

also the only one i've seen goes cam cover -> catch can -> throttle body. The oil collected just sits in the can and when its full you empty it, :unsure: looking at cosworth stuff (as theres loads of available info) they all have a sender at the bottom of the tank back to sump as well, this seems the best setup :D so is this an option, if so i may get a nice polised stainless cossie one that'll be 1/3 of the price of a jappy one. thanks steve :thumbsup:

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