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wow, that's the most I've ever seen cut out of a car!

Ouch! Thanks, I'll see if I can plate them!...

welding cost me £400 for both inner arches both outer arches 2 sill sections and the 2 back corner sections that sit behind the bumper

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An update on the development of my car over here in Australia :P

A few things have changed since i last posted my ride, so here it is :D



If any of you are wondering what that thing is, its the Blitz kit from Japan ;)



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Dunno if its already done or not but lets have a corolla members section cars please try and keep it comment free strictly pics of your car/s and poss be bumped up into important topics!

99 Toyota Corolla SE 1.3 16V




89 Toyota Corolla 1.6 16v GTi






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Your GTi looks mint mate. What's it like for rust? Looks pretty pristine to me...


You got any mods on it yet? Filter? Exhaust? Cams?

i hope you comment my car...

if so, many thanks.

there are signs of rust by the rear window, and arches but other than that it's in great condition.

Exhaust was replaced about a year ago by a guy who I Got it from he owned it for 15 years... i guess that speak for it self.on top of that there is full service history since 89.

Anyhow, about an hour ago a bus crashed into me. What a bustard!!! :crybaby: need rear, right lamp now and rear bumber needs paint. any ideas where i can get lamp from?

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