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Rims painted in black,red Pinstripe and LugNuts in red...


I have bought new leather seats. The installation occurs the next week.

Pictures will follow.

Appologies to all for trolling, but my excuse is im catching up! lol......

thats a fake photo and a half. if your gonna try and pass off photoshop work as real you might wanna remove the file information and data tags before its uploaded. (marked as edited by photoshop cs4 on the 20/08/2010). can't con a photoshop user. next time work on the inner spoke contrasting and repair the hue of the red bodywork. it nearly blinded me when opened outside of ie/chrome. not that im a !Removed!...... ;)

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Nice and shiny mate :thumbsup: Looks great in that colour :yahoo:

Cheers! The steel silver colour seems to look different in every light!

morgie, im making a return to pod this year, you really need to meet up with us, your TS is seriously spotless! mods or no mods, i whole heartedly approve!

I'd be up for a meet, Pod or otherwise. It is in pretty good nick, under 13.5k on the clock, 1 previous owner. That's really what justified the move to a FL from PFL for me.

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Better late than never people :lol:

Here are mine.

The G6-97:-


and what it can look like when polished:-


The SR D-4D 2006:-


and the rare occasion where I can park both outside my house.


(doesn't the G6 Look so little by comparison)

Richard K :thumbsup:

I there,

Could you tell me where did you bought your rear spoiler of the G6?

By the way, the car looks very nice ;)

Best regards

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By the way, I am new here, so I don´t know if this is the place where I am suposed to present my self.

Here is my Corolla

recently add the TTE bumper





I have apex springs 3mm, rims from the mr-s, final exaust, and TTE front bumper with fog lights.

I desperately need the g6r side skirts, does anyone know where I can find them?

best regards

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