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Coolant Drain Plug?


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Hi guys, where do i find the coolant drain plug? found i was low on coolant yesterday so bleed the system and topped it up, but i figure it must have a leak somewhere so i've ordered a nice set of samco coolant hoses so will need to drain it to fit the new tubes, cheers Steve :thumbsup:

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not sure on the mr2 but mine has a bung on the bottom of the rad, rhains will be the best one to ask i'm sure he'll be here soon :thumbsup:

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If its' an SW20 there are six drain points for the coolant system:

1 - Radiator bottom right (left looking from front of car).

2 - Radiator top left (mainly for bleeding air).

3 - Heater (under bonnet - centre & under windscreen - air bleed).

4 & 5 - One plug on each transfer pipe (under car & just forward of engine).

6 - Engine drain plug - above off-side drive shaft.

Use 1, 4, 5 & 6 for draining system (but not when its hot :o ).

Use 2 & 3 for bleeding system.

PM me if you need any more info on the SW20. :hokus-pokus:

PS: mark 1 or mark 2 - sounds like a Capri :censor: .

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