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Just Got An Aw11

Rx-7 SS

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Hey everyone, I just got a 87 MKI N/A as a project/autoX car and was having some troube finding some information.

1. Anywhere sell polyeurothane or stiffer suspension bushings besides TRD (where stuff is ridiculously expensive), and will I need to commandeer a hydraulic press to put on the new suspension bushings?

2. Is mushy break feel usually a sign of a bad or going master cylinder? Thats the only real answer I could find in my search of mr2.com. Thanks all, Im sure Ill probably have a lot more questions as the progess continues, but thats it for now :D


Ed Luggen, Cincinnati, Oh, USA.

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DOn't know the states Im afradi as the majority of users to thiis forum are UK Based, we have a number of suppliers in the uk where you can get bushes if you don't mind paying shipping, we havea couple of suppliers on ourt gold discount scheme which can also offer them at a discounted rate which may be an option for you if you are going to ship a lot of toys for the aw11...

All the best


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