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Fuel Leak At Tank


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Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem;

I have a 1991 Camry 4dr, 4 cyl my father gave me. It has a LOT of corrosion, possibly from the hard winters in Ohio.

Where the fuel lines pass into the fuel tank (passing through a plate), the lines have corroded and were leaking fuel. (I temp fixed this last fall by using lots of fuel-repair putty. Now it leaks again)

This seems like an odd design to me- why not have the lines disconnect just above the plate, so that the fuel pump assembly can be lifted out without having to remove so much of the fuel lines that wrap around the fuel tank? I am thinking of hitting the shop and doing a little redesign, so that I have straight lines coming up out of the tank, then use rubber lines to make the bend and connect to the metal lines that wrap around the outside of the fuel tank.

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