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Cleaning The Dashboard Clear Plastic..without Scratching It


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..well I've a few goes trying to wipe down the clear plastic in front of the speedo dials etc but don't manage to get far without putting a great hairy scratch in it...

..how do you guys clean the clear (soft) plastic? :huh:

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microfibre cloth with a little Mr Muscle Window cleaner (the green liquid spray stuff) applied to the cloth, not the plastic.

Oh and a soft paintbrush (that's never seen paint obviously) is useful for dusting off interiors before using anything else. :thumbsup:

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Don't use the hoover brush attachment on it whatever you do as it will certainly scratch it. I stick with a damp cloth.

In general it is best to hoover the rest of the dash first before using a damp cloth, otherwise you'll simply be working the grime into all the little crevices.

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