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Uk Registration Plates


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I got mine from fancyplates as i couldnt be bothered to send away my documents - nice quick delivery, both plates made up to my dimensions - about £26 for both.

technically not road legal as they dont have the sellers postcode on them but i havent had any problems in 5 months.......


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i got mine from gtgrafix, as i needed a larger than normal rear plate. i ended up getting a slightly illegal font, but what the hell!

i did need to send a photocopy of the logbook, however you can also email/fax it if this is easier. they make plates to any size/configuration you want.

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does anyone know if its leagal to use plates with the logos on them- say i wanted a standard font with the toyota logo on the left instead of the flag?


its not. :(

not that stopped me getting a set with the Lexus logo in silver, against a blue background on my plate <_<

about 4(?) months ago - not a sign of any trouble :thumbsup:

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This has been a useful topic. :D

I didn't like my rear plate, so just went and bought one from Halfords. I bought one that looked square like I had... but I was wrong. :D So the plate I got was too big.

Anyway, my dad cut it down and has put it on. It looks... snug... and there's too much gap on each side (but there was a gap anyway) but it looks nicer than the old one.

I'll need to order from one of these online places... as I need the Japanese style. Even then... I notice that they have their limits on size.

Relm, if you're about, what did you get?

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