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Sheesh!: Cars Ready!

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turtle waxed,

autglym high resined...


all junk sorted,

windows cleaned..

etc etc

I'm shattered!!!!!! cars looking mint tho!!!! REALLY hope the roads are dry tomorrow :(




Hope they are not too big :)

just gota pack now!!!

Any way thats my car... I'll be in the oxford convoy tomorrow.... I'm Charlie :D come say hi :D

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Have spent ALL day doing exactly the same, and also hoping for fine weather all weekend, as would be extremely :censor: off if I arrive with mud stains all down my car...!

Wish you all a good run up there, and see you at the weekend


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WOW.... I didn't even know that model came without the roof, I was thinking of the later model, that looks superb matey....

You know where the Park and Ride is off Botley Road (you have number if you get lost, I'll be there from 1 ready for 1:30 off just give me ashout or call me if I'm not by the car :)

That looks sweet :D

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Cheers :D

The targa top MK3s were big in the states..... but Toyota didn't sell to many right hand drives ones.. all that were sold were JDM only (as far as I know)

Dont think theres many targa MkIII's in the UK... and not to many twin turbo ones either....

Now I said that I'll probably park in a line of 20 of them at JAE :rolleyes:

I'm praying for dry and about to invent the anti rain dance... (if your all REALLY lucky I'll demonstrate it tomorrow ;))

I don;t have a CLUE where it is... but I'll have a look see now :) as your sltill up I'll txt ya now so you got my number too.

Seeya tomorrow Guys and Gals ;)

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I'm so excited its quite worrying really!!!!!

I'm shattered from last night (drinking binge) I got black coloured polish everywhere and its not waching off....

Still all excited tho!!!!

Picking up my nitrous kit... and a roof!! (in red LOL)


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Looks good! I want a black car again!!!

I gave mine a second coat today but theres no way I'll get away without it getting rained on either tomorrow or sat, weather does not look good :(

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Its all the rage to have BMXs stuck on your rear wing in the states you know... just you see this time next year EVERYONE will have it!!!

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Nope.. bought it seperately.. that the 3rd car I had it on..

was a pressie for my 18th (unsuprising in 2000 lol)

Its a bit too easy to remember for my liking tho... but hey lol

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