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!984 Celica Gts Convertible Part Out


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I now own and expect to start parting out my 1984 Celica GTS was driven 122,000 miles hit in the front end and then parked. The front lights and such are not useable(I do have the right turn signal and it mint). Lets talk about what is good on the car. It has a black interior and everything is in the car with nothing missing. The back taillights are near perfect, the convertible top is complete and has the glass available. The back fender flares are perfect and the front ones are not too mangled up. As far as my quick look could tell, there is no rust on this vehicle, I live in southern Idaho a dry desert area. It does have the GTS wheels with tires on it and all Glass(except pass window) in the car is complete. I will post pics next week on the vehicle. I will be taking the motor and tranny and everything related to swapping the motor into my '79 toyota pick-up, everything else will be available for sale to any reasonable bids.

Email me at cwd100@cableone.net

Thanks again,

Chris Daugherty

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I wish you the best of luck in breaking the Celica, sounds like a nasty little bump you had there. The majority of users on this site however are in the UK and from the terminaology used in your post I would hazard a guess at you being somewhere in the US or Canada (not having a location in your profile makes it a bit difficult).....

We have had a few US posters on this site recently so you could be in luck but thought I better put up a warning in case you thought the repsonses were a bit slow :)

All the best and welcome to TOC matey.....


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