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Hi all,

I bought a new Corolla T Sport last month and have clocked up 1200 miles already and my grin just keeps getting bigger :D :D

It was a bit of a rush decision to buy one. I test drove one on Monday and picked it up on Tuesday (oh :censor: I sound like Craig David :o ). I got a cracking deal on a brand new pre-registered car so I just couldn't say no.

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Hey GD, welcome to the club. You'll find it very useful on here. We have an opinion on absolutely everything and an answer for most things........... :thumbsup:

We have experts in this, that & the other and some great conversations to boot. B)

Enjoy your car and enjoy Toyota Owners Club. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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welcome to the club matey,,,,,,you may find you dont get a lot of replies at the moment as the magority of the club will be on its way to JAE either today or tomorrow.......but you can rest assured that this website will be buzzin sunday night or early monday morn........ :thumbsup:

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Nice to have you on board.

What did you do on wed thur and fri then???

Thanks for the welcome guys.

And in answer to your question I drove up to Liverpool, did a tour of anfield and saw the unveiling of their new signings including Harry Kewell :thumbsup:

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