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Can I Get Air Con Installed In My 1996 Corolla


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Hi, Does anybody know where in the UK I could get air con installed in my 1996 Toyota Corolla 1.3 GS Automatic?

I know that model had it as an option but wasnt fitted to my car.

I tried contacting my local toyota dealer which is Marshal Rolfe in Southampton but they said the kit was no longer available. This sounded odd to me because it sounded as though they were talking about a generic kit and not genuine toyota parts.

I tried contacting other places such as Edworthys and some other places that use generic kit type things and they all said a kit wasnt available.

I want it all supplied and fitted.

I've seen various websites in the USA that sell the air con components for the US version of the car but im no mechanic and wouldnt want to fit it.

Am I doomed to stay hot in my car?

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No actually you're not doomed. You need to find a salvage yard with your model that has a/c. pull everything a/c related and put it in your car. And don't forget the heat exchanger in/under the dash and the mounting brackets for the comp. on the engine.

And you might as well snag the whole vent box and the center dash control panel too so you can turn it on. the wiring should be there.

all in all it's a pain in the rear but it can be done.

Good luck

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