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Best Private Importer? Julian Alison?

Billy C

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Has anyone heard of Julian Alison who imports MR2's direct from japan?

I am thinking of getting an MR2 of him but wary as I may not see the car b4 deciding to purchase it. Its a case of Puttting a deposit down first and then paying the rest when it arrives!

Any info would be helpful.


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You are not wrong here.

Julian is very reputable and has a good bunch of people working for him in Japan. Everyone I know that has bought an MR2 through him has been more than satisfied :D

Also try New Era. Steve's brother (Rob IIRC) had his Rev3 imported through them and it's mint B)

I would have had mine imported through Julian but couldn't afford the insurance on a tubby :crybaby: so I landed up going for a UK N/A which I love to bits :D

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Personally I don't like the look or the sound of the first site mate.

MR2-direct-imports is Julian's company. You can't go wrong with them.

Try also JVS Web Site Here They have come very highly recommended too. Be sure to mention Colin Mason and you will be looked after :D

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