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Avensis Blowing Fuses


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The bulb blew in my 2002 Avensis interior light so i popped the cover off and removed the bulb.

As i unclipped it i heard a 'pop' from inside the car and found that the trip computer and a few other bits weren't working. I checked the manual and found that a 7.5 amp fuse had blown so i fitted the spare and all was fine until i put the replacement bulb in the interior light and heard the pop again.

I replaced the fuse again and everything is working fine, including the interior light.. does any of this make any logical sense? why would taking out a blown bulb blow a fuse and the same when refitting a new one. In both cases I had the interior light switch set to OFF by the way <_<

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My answer was obvious...all the way to your last line... the interior light was switched to off!

Hmmm is everything ok now?

bulbs can be dodgy...even new ones.... may have just been a cack bulb........ sorry no answers here!


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The light switch generally switches the negative side of the lamp. It depends on how your lamp is wired, not looked at mine. But you were probably just shorting it when taking the lamp out. Either that, if it is connected using spade style connectors then one of those may have been shorting when the lamp holder was moved.

As I was saying generally they stay live even when switched off. Car manufacturers have a habit of switching the negative (earth) on a lot of things.


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Thanks for the replies... the switching of the negative side may be the answer. I assume that the door open switch switches the earth and not the live so it would make sense (not elecrically) to have the on off switch on the interior light doing the same thing.

All still OK though so fingers crossed.

Thanks again :thumbsup:

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