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Which Grand Theft Auto Has The Best "atmosphere"


Which Grand Theft Auto has the best "atmosphere"  

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  1. 1. Simply, which GTA has the best "feel" to it, in your opinion, given the GFX and audio and atmosphere.

    • GTA 1
    • GTA Lahndahn
    • GTA 2
    • GTA 3
    • GTA Vice City
    • GTA San Andreas
    • GTA Advance
    • GTA LC Stories

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Bit of an old game now but if you like the GTA series and have played a few of them, which, do you believe, has the best atmosphere.

My personal favourite is Vice City. Probably 'cos I'm a child of the 80's and the soundtrack and the cheesy Hollywood Miami style GFX make it just like playing an episode of Miami Vice, which was obviously what Rockstar was aiming for.


Although the original had it's moments! ;)

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I love GTA, been a fan of it since Day 1.... :thumbsup: I must admit though, I'm one of those that doesnt really do the tasks, I just enjoy driving round killing people.... :lol:

My favourite... well GTA1 was classic and was groundbreaking for its time but I'd have to agree with you on Vice City. The soundtrack was fantastic, the graphics, although occasionally a bit patchy at times, were great and you could play it for hours and hours...

Plus there was something so cool about the whole 80's vibe... but generally speaking, GTA is just one of those types of game that is just always so fresh and they constantly seem to bring something new to them. Rock on Rockstar! :thumbsup:

The original was class though, I used to love getting a flame thrower and torching a group of citizens - or waiting at the top of a bridge for the cops and hiding round the corner and then torching them and nicking the police car - great fun! :lol:

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I liked Vice City... Obviously.

The fact that the guy weas a shirt that is identical to one of mine, and there isa car that looks uncanilly like a mkiii supra, that is usually in red, which was the colour of mine at the time of launch...

I also enjoy killing people :thumbsup:

I liked san andreas too, I used to really like my hip hop (back in the 90s lol) so I loved the sound track and liked the feel of the game,, it was like playing "boys in the hood" or "menace to society"

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Yup the first two versions rock but just loved it when it first went 3D, so GTA 3 for me. The original dirty city life does it for me. Find Vice City a bit cheesy at times (I am a child of the 80's though) but liked how you could do bikes too on that version.


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Got to be GTA2 for me. I liked how you could join a gang of your choice and you knew which gang liked you and which gang didn't like you from the meters at the top of the screen!

I've started playing San Andreas again recently but you can't beat an old classic! :thumbsup:

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vice city for the 80s theme

san andreas was mega too, but would have been better suited with tommy verceti still in th 80s!

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I'm one of those that doesnt really do the tasks, I just enjoy driving round killing people.... :lol:

Yeah.. get a car.. start driving over hookers.. thats it.

Another plus for GTA:VC was the mopeds. For the first time in my life I could knock the dozy bleeders off of their "bikes" and reverse over them and get away with it. Woohoo! The proper bikes rocked too!

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I seem to be the only person who's voted for "Lahndahn" It thought it was great. Fiat 500s and 2CVs too - what more could I want :D

The first one cost me 2nd year at uni :oops:


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