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Ok, As you (may) know I'm starting to lose faith in garages, so does anyone know somewhere decent, trustworthy and local(ish) to Surrey where i can take my car to have engine work done that won't a) bull5h1t me, b)rip me off c)rag the nuts off my car and put 10 million k on the clock and d)know what they're doing?

Kinda optimistic I know but there has to be SOMEWHERE!!??!

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sdaly i cant help u out but im all up 4 wot u r sayin they make a f :censor: kin bodge job and thrash around in ya motor then down to pub tellin all there p :censor: ssed up !Removed! mates that its theirs

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SG ?????

Why didn't you say something earlier (good to meet you by the way).....

Millway Sports In Winchester (bottom of A34), lot of jap car clubs trust them and they know what they are doing and enjoy special jobs :)

Good to meet you too :)

erm, because my brain wasn't fully engaged today probably... lol I shall check them out. So I take it Winchester is near me then huh? (can you tell I've not lived here long tee hee)

What was the name of that interior company you mentioned? God I really was asleep today lol

I'm not even going to pass comment on "special jobs"

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