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P21-s Wax

Caz SR

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Right, well I bought some of this on eBay the other day, along with the P21-S Paint Cleanser. I must say the cleanser is great at getting dried water spots & ingrained dirt off, but I'm a little disappointed at the results of the wax.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong - so if anyone's got a tried and tested method of using this product, please share.

Thanks :)

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I saw nobody had replied to your post so i thought i would reply to what you have wrote.

Any "pure" wax like P21s is really only going to benefit from the paintwork below being in good condition.

The Paint Cleanser is a good product but not if your paintwork is even more then slightly perfect.

The paintwork cleanser boast mild cleaning power with a some oils to add some depth to the paint.

P21s wax itself should give you a reasonable shine and will last for about 4 but you would want to rewax every 3 weeks or so. That all depends on the enviroment you are in with your car and what you use to wash it with!!

How old are your cars?? Do you have any prep materials??

My advice would be to get a clay-bar, Meguiars offer and over the counter option and Mothers do a kit aswell. The clay will remove bonded contaminents which wax will seal under on to your paint if you dont remove them. The clay will leave the cars surface smooth and flat, that is vital if you want to get maximum depth and reflection.

Then pick up a paint cleaner and glaze (also known as a "pure" polish). IN most large Halfords you should be able to get Meguiars products DC1 and DC2.

If you let me know your paint colours and you are willing to shop online i can advise you to a more precise selection of products to get the max. out of your paintwork.

I would top the DC2 with your P21s wax and enjoy. In a few months simply use the P21s paint cleanser and top with P21s wax.

Its important not to over use chemical cleaners and its important to use them regularly to remove wax build up. 4 times a year is fine, you should clay ever 12 months depending on the miles you do and that would be a great time to use a DC1 to give the paint a good deep clean.



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Hey Geoff - thanks very much for the reply.

I have a 4 year old Yaris and an 18 year old MK1 MR2. :D

I bought the P21-S products a little while back and used them on the '2 for JAE, with many comments on the results. The application can be a bit hit-and-miss but once I got the hang of it, I was quite pleased.


Caz :thumbsup:

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