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Check Engine Light


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I had the check engine lights on last week and a

friendly mechanic had removed the leads to Battery and

connected and the lights were off for a week. Again it

showed today.

I took to two different guys- first one auto zone he

said it is a manufacture specific code. (1 of 1 or

something came in the dial)

Then I took to the Jiffy lube he show me a code of


What is this diagostic code really mean. How do I fix

the car. Can I drive say to a location 250 miles away

with this condition



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I would be careful with driving a toyota with a "check Engine" light. If it's under warranty, you should take it to a toyota dealer and have them check since they have the code manuals there. I haven't ever seen an check engine light on my old 1991 camry, but if I ever did, I would take it to the dealer. You can call the service department and give them the code number and maybe they could look it up for you.

Hope that helps. :huh:

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