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Rev2-rev3 Turbo


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Is the only difference between the Rev2 and Rev3 the turbo itself?

If so, wouldn't a Rev2 have greater potential due to the MOT loop hole allowing the cat bypass if i replaced the turbo? :blink:

(Still new to this, i hope that made sense :huh: )

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Makes absolute perfect sense...

What mosdt people I know tend to do is by a de-cat pipe and fit the cat pipe for MOT purposes and change it back after (it's easy to change with a little effort or not a lot of cash and garage. Therefore rev3 would have the more base power to start playing with...

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there's a number of differences. along with what's already been said.

rev 3 has bigger injectors, map sensor (instead of air flow meter), less restrictive exhaust elbow, different lights, colour coded front splitter and inserts, smaller ht leads, shorter gear shift, tamer handling

rev 1/2 had stronger bottom end

as for the mot, you only need a cat on a turbo if it was made after july 95.

there's plenty more i just can't remember them off the top of my head

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i dont want to play devils advocate as ive always been led to believe the mot loophole was for 95 on etc. but on asking about this the other day at an mot place where i know the staff i was told that this loophole date is incorrect and that it is for pre 92 cars only (as i have a 93 tubby and would normally take it there this is not good news!).

could this fella be wrong, or do different mot stations have different rules?, or are we all wrong with our pre 95 theory? :wacko:

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