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Meets, Shows And Days Out


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hi peeps,

just reading some of the threads from JAE and sounds as if you all had an absolute cracker :thumbsup: sulk head down wishing was there :( :crybaby: :censor:

Any way whats next were are peeps going and when CUS I WANT TO PLAY....... :thumbsup: :group-cuddles:

get the new seals on the 3rd and will be in the car by the 5th so its GO GO GO in the famous words of Murray Walker :thumbsup: :group-cuddles:

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But ken, you have an Avensis not a MINI....

Oh I'm a comedian aint I......... :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Seriously how MINI will it be. And is it a any type of car turn-out or just a JAp thing mate.


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Any excuse to have a ride in to Stoke Ken :lol:

Who me :lol:

Nearly got talked into going after JAE by Loz,thought i'd better go home instead. When talking to the missus about JAE mentioned about nearly going to Stoke afterwards and she said why didn't you go :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

Don't think the feet was up to it though,mine are still recovering from all that standing about.

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