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Look under TOC Navigation at top left of screen SG.

ta mate- I have my window minimised down to the tiniest possible so can't see any of that unless I look specifically lol

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piccieeeeeees :D

are you going to upload clips of the video mate? with sound ;)

need to give the tape to scot to get onto cd first, will edit it then post link somewhere I can find space....

Supragal, the interface to upload pic's only allows you to do 10 ata time which is taking a hwile plus am actually doing some work lol

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You could have chosen a decent picture

Doesn't that give you a clue on who has been taking piccies of a beemer.

Some people have no taste :P :lol::ph34r:

Nice ones of mine though :D ;)

Damn not fast enough :crybaby:

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