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Slow Puncture


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Hi guys, I have a slow puncture (losing about 1-2 psi per week) on one of my tyres. I took it to my local tyre shop who could find nothiong wrong with the tyre. Could the wheel be defective and be letting air seep through the alloy? If so, does anyone know where I can get a 14" Wolfrace Racelite, as fitted to the 1998 Corolla SR, in A1 condition?

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I agree...to check the valves...you'd have to have the tire removed again.....and if it's not the valve...then your in the same state.

So stick an innertube in....small cost...and it will circumvent the problem. The wheel could be pourous...I doubt it...but air could be esacaping at the edge...although again I doubt it..as you've already had it removed and replaced...and the problem is still occuring. Or you literally do have a slow puncture.....which an inner tube would fix.


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