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Standard 14" Paseo Si Wheels - £120

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For sale: Standard Toyota Paseo Alloy wheels + 3 tyres & all lugnuts

Item Condition: Overall very good with minimal kerbing, front's have some brakedust (duh) but overall very good - 2 of the tyres barely used, the other is barely legal. Lugnuts are all very good

Price and price conditions: £120 or any reasonable offers, will be advertised on eBay for more but this is my minimum price

Extra Info: Tyre's are Avon ZV-1's, which is now superseded by the ZV-3, so either replace the barely legal and the tireless wheel with ZV-3's (or any of your choosing) or just replace all










Contact Details: u2u me for any further contact details

Location: Currently in Oxford, but will sell from Caterham, Surrey if not sold within this week

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Collection or will accept a courier, courier should be around £40 I believe

Oh, and before anyone says anything, ignore the F.U.K sticker...the previous owner was a slightly Chavvy Manchesturian girl and she put it there..I swear. Anyway, tomorrow will have better pictures of the wheels.

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