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My Funky New Wheels - Finally Fitted

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Haven't posted an "updated" picture of the car in a while, so may as well now with my new Ueda wheels fitted...its only taken 7weeks to get them refurbed and 4 days to get them fitted...not to mention about £400 for everything but I like them :rolleyes:





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says's you with your 17's or whatever they are :P hehe. Thanks for the comment, and well, i dont really wanna go much bigger, too much weight...but my 15's pending in America should fix that

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thanks - was kinda nervous at first cause you always see them on car's like the ae86 Corolla, datsun 240z and starlet gt, all angular cars, but i reckon it kinda suits my car, especially in the colour...just need to find some center caps to complete it...

and best of all, they weigh close to nothing :toot:

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its just an opening in a wooded area, there's a park off on either side and there's a dirt path all the way through some woods, it is a bit dodgy but instead of taking pictures on the street ;)

and thanks - i believe your starlet gt has similar wheels but painted red? I believe these were red originally too :lol:

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