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Insurance For A Mr2


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have you tried tesco? seriously they're good- and direct line can be... I tend to go through the back of max power or some other mag and get each one to beat the previous price...

also get your own policy asap else you won't have no claims... even if it cost a bit more to start with!

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Just to give you an idea of prices, I'm 29, 4 years NCB, '91 G-ltd, modified slightly, the cheapest I have been quoted this year is £870....

MR2's arent cheap to insure which in a way is a good thing as it prevents the max muppets from driving them :)

There superb cars and you'l enjoy yourself :D

Welcome to the club matey....

MR2DC have adiscount scheme with Dorset so they may be worth a try...

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im in a similar position to yourself. the cheapest quote i found for my car (same engine as yours) was through CIS, however mine is about 3 insurance groups lower. still, check them out

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