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Wiring Yaris Radio & Sat In Other Car!


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Can any one help? I took the tns200 sat system out of my Yaris before I sold it. I've got the sat system that goes under

Seat - the aerial - and the wiring loom to the radio, and the radio.

Unfortunately I didn’t test the connection plug which goes into the back of the radio, with a test light to record which wire is permanent Live, ignition Live, Earth, ect

So if anyone is lurking inside their yaris bash board sometime soon, could you please post a colour code wiring key for the radio plug?

I’ve been to 3 Toyota dealers including the one I bought the car from and they all say they don’t have a wiring colour key!!!

They don’t need one, everything plugs into wiring harness

So they don’t need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone help?

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Ermm, got most of it wired!

Got the radio and tape up and running just fine. The problem is I need to tell the radio the ignition key is turned to ACC or the TNS200 GPS system wont turn on and display the TOYOTA NAVIGATION screen!!!

And start working............

Would someone capable of whipping out there radio (Just the top one!) and testing with a fused test light, the main long plug that goes in the back of the Yaris radio with the ignition switched ON!!!

And tell me wot wires are live?

I would really appreciate it.

Viewed looking INTO Yaris top Radio plug.


[[ 1 , 2 ]]===[[ 3 , 4 ]]=====[[ 5 , 6 ]]===[[ 7, 8 ]]

[[====]]===[[=============== ]]===[[====]]

[[9, 10 ]]===[[11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 ]]===[[17, 18]]


Note: *MICAW = Mine Isnt Connected And Works!!!




3.PINK = TX+,= Goes to tape/radio player

4.White/black = GND, = Earth



7.Blue* = ECU-IG, = 7.5A

8.Blue/yellow = +B, DOME = 15A


11.Blue** = TX-, = Goes to Tape/radio player

12.Black/red** = Temp SG, = Ambiant Temp sensor *MICAW

13.Green** = Temp, = Ambiant Temp sensor *MICAW

14.Black/Red* = TAUB, = Ignition switch 15A

15.Black/Orange= T, = Goes to Injector No1 And Engine ECU *MICAW

16.VIOLET/white = SPD, = speed sensor wire From Combination Unit or fit one.

17.Green* = Lights ON, = wire to lights.

18.Grey = ACC, = 15A

When I get it all working. I will post a Full How To get a tns200 fully working in a portable smallish briefcase size package that plugs into cig lighter of any Car, Boat, or Plane. Or fits in any car permanently with or without the ugly bottom tape bit.

Credit to those who contribute will be given

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Righty then. I've recently put a single cd into my father's Yaris GS and had to get in to the deck to repair it following transit damage. Oh, and the seller forgot the link cable to "T" the display in with. :(

Now, the two wires on the bottom row under the retaining clip (13, 14?)


are the data interface. they go to the display, but you gotta tap into them to control the cd. Same for the sat I'd guess.

There's a 4- core screened cable which I'll guess is the line- out from the cd, and it goes to one end of the block IIRC.

Now remember that this is the secondary connector, and that the ign and permenent feeds will be on the standard 10- way connector. Permenant feed on pin 4, Acc on pin 3, ground on 7. Normal Toyota colours for those.

1.2.Key. .3.4

Dunno if this helps at all. If no- one else can, I'll try to get the radio out of Dad's at the weekend...

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DPM You are talking about the CD/Tape drive unit, I think what J5FF is trying to do is get his sat nav working without using that part of the system, just the display and control unit with the Volume control and the sat-nav buttons.

Also - where have you found this four core screened cable? I don't have one on mine so I would be interestede to know what it is.

J5FF - I have to take mine out at the weekend so I will work out any connections you need to know.

I have the Sat Nav installed also so it should be pretty similar. I don't think however that you will be able to get the TNS200 system working standalone for use anywhere - reason being that there are on the wiring loom for the Sat Nav, some loose tails, or at least should be. These pick up from other places in the car, speed feedback signal, direction (reverse gear detectioin) and a couple others that I can't remember. If these are not present, the system will not function correctly :(



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Ah, gotcha, Steve. I was assuming that the radio was built into the tape deck and that the display was dumb. He did refer to getting the radio and tape working OK tho. My bad...

Anyway yes, the cable coming out of the single disc add- on (if you pull the sleeve back a little) has a 4- core screened lead. This connector will take a changer or PIE adaptor instead of the single disc AFAIK.

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Cheers dpm and Steve,

The radio and tape are both working at the moment and I want to get the sat up and running too.

I'm then going to try and take the tape deck out off the loop.

Your right Steve my sat nav loom has 4 extra wires coming out of the loom





If you can map these that would be good.

I'm hopping to get sat fitting instructions today from Toyota but I think it will only say connect this to that, ECT without saying what that does!

Getting info from Toyota is next to impossible.

I'll look forward to your findings



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OK Well I can tell you what each of these does but i can't confirm the colours until Saturday when I can have another look.

Two of the four wires are for tapping onto the speaker output from the car stereo. You could wire these directly to any speaker so not Yaris dependant.

The third is speed feedback - if I rmember rightly this is an analogue signal that feeds speed as a voltage to the satnav unit.

The Forth is reverse gear detection ,IE - pop +12 on here when reverse is engaged.



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Hi Steve,

That makes sense to me

The two yellow wires from sat must be the Speakers. They are very short with snap-on connectors and perfect to connect to Speakers system right next to them.

Ive been told that if you don’t connect a speed controller then the sat system will lag behind your true position.

IE you’re doing 70 mph, sat checks its position but by the time it’s received the info you have already moved.

If it knows the speed your travelling it can work out where it will be, and eliminate the lag factor.

I guess I’ll find out just how much lag is involved at some point.



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Good news,

I've got a full wiring diagram for radio, tape and sat nav.

Those yellow wires don’t go to the Speakers! They connect to pink and blue wires that connect the radio to the tape!

Ive got it working on the table and found there would be one or two problems in getting the thing to work plug and play.

First you do need a speed sensor. (You were right Steve)

Tns measures its position using the Speedo to work out where it should be!!! IE on the table I foul it into thinking it’s moving (speed sensor) and the journey begins, but at the first corner it checks its position (gps) to make sure you’ve turned into it. And you haven’t because your not there!

Anyone doesn’t believe me? Then jack the drive wheels up and start to drive!

Second it takes some time to find the satellites, when you first connect it to the power (like an hour) sometimes so you can’t just plug and play without waiting!

Has promise ill post a full wiring diagram for the sat-nav and the radio plug and the tape plug



youll find it in Workshop Submissions on this forum

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