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Couple Of Queries!


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Hi all, I put a deposit down on a nice snowflake red turbo today, part-exing my N/A. The car is a 92 J reg but is in great condition inside and out. It has a number of nice mods too. There are just a couple of things I want to check:

1) The car has a grainger valve connected along with a boost gauge, it seems to be boosting at 18psi which seems high and I would like to lower it to around 14psi. How is this done? I presume you need to adjust the screw somehow but should it be turned outwards or inwards?

2) The fuel gauge reader seems to get stuck halfway up, owner says it's just an intermittent fault. Can this be fixed easily?

Here's a couple of pics of the car, the previous owner was a member on MR2OC so some of you may recognise it. Any comments appreciated. Cheers.




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if hes been running 18psi on a rev2 for a long time no wonder hes selling it on! the engine life will have probably gone down a fair bit if its still on original intercooler not to mention the turbo which shouldnt be run on anything more than 15psi max (if its a ct26) looks nice though

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my first rev1 boosted to 18psi no probs, although that was pushing it.

it only blew the engine when nobles ragged the nuts off it for a whole day on a rolling road during mapping a unichip with the timing out. otherwise for short bursts at 18psi, it never missed a beat for over a year.

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