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Yaris T Sport Speakers


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I love loud music especially Rock but when I turn up the music to full it still isn't loud enough !!

Do you think I need new Speakers? I have the standard ones in at the moment

Also if new Speakers would be the thing to do - Whch ones are best and how easy is it to take out the stadard ones and replace them?

I'm happy using the standard fitted head unit with my MD changer.


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Hi pal!

Well it's not only matter of installing new spkrs, but what kind of job you do to make them sound better. In my experience, If you pay atention to where they are installed, if you seal the "box" in the door or if you install an air outlet (bass reflex principle) somewhere in the boxes, it will certainly improve without spending lots of money. :hokus-pokus:

I don't know what kind of job you have done to your car, but its a good idea to optimize what you have first, then invest ( sounds like an old man sayng...)

Good luck!

Cheers from BA


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I just had the front door Speakers changed in my yaris (got the front doors dynomatted too) as the old ones were a bit crap.

Get a lot more sound now but i don't know what quality the pannels are in the t-sport. It might be worth getting the front pannels matted (cost me 50 quid fitted) then do the boot then consider the rear pannels just to get rid of the road noise and make it deel sharper in the car

See what u think but its not worth skimping on it cause its the place u sit and drive from


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Usually to make Speakers more powerful you need to update the head unit to a more powerful one.

The yaris/echo was designed for young women and old ppl. :P

Thats why the stereo isn't very powerful.

But that dosen't mean that you shouldn't have one cause you can make any old ppls car into a hotty very easily.

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Well I was going to give you a reaction.... but then I remembered that I have actually grown up, and stooping to your level in order to respond to your childish, misinformed, totally unhelpfull and good for nothing comments would not be the sort of example a forum moderator should be setting.

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