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92 Camry - No Reverse Lights


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i recently purchased a 92 camry. it doesn't have working reverse lights. at first we thought the lightbulbs needed to be changed. even after replacing the bulbs, there's still no reverse light. a friend thought it might have shorted out or something (even though the other lights in the back seems to be working fine). in any case, we checked the fuse box under the hood, and didn't see anything indicative of the rear lights. can anyone tell me if the fuse box for that particular section of the car is located elsewhere? or is something else the root of my problems? please advise. :crybaby:

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I have the same problem on one of my Camry's. According to the dealer, the problem could be that you need to replace the "Neutral safety switch" which is connected to the transmission; the dealer price for the part is $204.51 but I've seen it go for $147.00 at other places on the web.

Hope this helps.


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Reversing lights...do you reall need them??? I ask as they don't have to be working to pass the MOT, belive it or not! or is different in the states? I had a problem with an old motor,,,where I couldn't turn them off. The switch in the gear box had shorted...rather than cough up the cash for the work to fix the switch...I just took the bulbs out. Then used hazards to let people know I was reversing etc.

but yes the problem will be most likely the switcfh in the transmission.


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