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Changing The Speakers On A Yaris For Dummies


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I don't know much about stereos, but I want to upgrade my Speakers, without

spending much, maybe for something like the speaker described below.

Would I need to change anything else (dash Speakers, head unit) ??

Does anyone recommend a particular speaker in this sort of range?

Thanks for the attention ...


TS-E1795 17cm Speakers

* 17cm 3D magnesium hybrid cone woofer with butyl rubber edge * 30mm titanium dome midrange * 10mm tweeter * Power Blades * Long voice coil with glass imide voice coil bobbin * Nominal input power 60W * 220W max power *

This unit comes with free insurance.

All prices include VAT at 17.5%

Retail Price £84.99

Dynamat Products

Price: £64.99


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The easiest thing if you want to change those Speakers is to get an adaptor that connects to the Speakers on one end and to the vehicle's wiring harness on the other. They don't cost much, and some places (crutchfield.com in particular, but I don't know if they ship to UK) will give you one for free if you order from them. The harness just plugs right in to the existing one connected to the speaker, so you don't have to cut any wires and can easily put your factory Speakers back in if you sell the car and want to keep the speakers.

Those speakers are made by Pioneer, correct? I haven't heard those ones specifically, but Pioneer tends to make good sounding products, and the specs on those speakers are good.

You won't need to replace anything else if you don't want to, but doing so won't hurt. It depends on what kind of sound quality you want. Ideally if you replace any speakers, you want to replace them all with voice-matched speakers to keep everything sounding best. But again, it all depends on what level of quality you want, and how much you want to spend.

Whether to replace the head unit depends on whether you feel a need to do so. If it plays the media you want (cass, cd, mp3, whatever) and sounds decent then it may not be as much of a concern. It won't put out as much power as an aftermarket receiver or amp might, and the speakers you're looking at can definitely handle more power, but it again comes down to what you want out of your stereo and how much you want to spend on it.

Feel free to ask you have more questions.


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