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I have just joined this group as I am thinking of purchasing my first Toyota Supra. I am hoping to get a mk3 1990ish model and I was hoping for some feedback from you guys.

Who has got one here and what do you think about it? I am a bit worried about running costs - is the MPG bearable or does it drink petrol, does it require a lot of expensive maintanence???

I have heard about the dodgy hg's so I am hoping to find one that has already had it replaced but is there anything else I should look for.

I live in Leeds and I work in Barnsley - is there any chance someone lives near either and I could come round to see your Supra and you could show me what to look out for etc etc.



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If i was you id go for one that *hasnt* had the head gasket repaired, as the chances are it wont have been done properly and will just blow again. Its not a problem if it goes though as replacement isnt too difficult really.

Other than that look for Ball joints, any smoke, potential knocking on bottom end (rev and hold, listen at 3000 rpm when stationery), and rust on rear arches.. thats about it really.

Oh, and come and join us on mkiiisupra.net for loads more helpful and friendly info.

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Thanks for the advice adi.

Isn't it true tho that nearly every mk3 supra will need a new HG at some point in its life so wouldn't it be better to get one that had been professionally repaired by a Toyota garage or specialist? I heard they normally cost about £500 or £600 to get fixed - I would not be able to do something like this myself.

I popped over to mkiiisupra.net and had a good read. Loved the "kills" section - makes me very excited about getting one. Anyone have any MPG figures for their cars?


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mpg roughly between 15-28 depending on how you drive.. theyre quite thirsty.

Most repaired head gaskets havent been repaired properly, thats the problem. The block and head need a skim at the same time otherwise the head will just go again at a later date. It will also ideally need to have had a metal head gasket fitted and have been retorqued again 500 miles after the change..

SO if youre buying one that has had its HG replaced make sure that it fits the above criteria.

Its not a gaurantee that the head gasket will go on all mk3's either. My old 3.0 turbo had its original head gasket, was running increased boost and is now on 80000 miles with no problems. If youre *really* worried about the head gasket then you can go for the other two engines.. either the 2.0 TT or the 2.5 TT... although these will ultimately cost you more in repairs should anything go wrong.

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