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Celica Gt4 St205 Info?


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Forgive me I'm a newbie to Toyota's, :help:

I've been tempted by the nice looking GT4 ST205, but no very little about them, apart from a few websites detailing power figures and such like.

I'm looking at getting an import, can anyone suggest a decent import dealer that can be trusted?? I'm based in Suffolk,England so anyone close would be good?!

What's the difference between a GT4 and a GT4 WRC? Apart from the rear spoiler extensions?

How does a Twin Entry turbo work??

whats the handling and performance like??

any bad points??

how easy are the engines to work on? and mod without causing too much stress on them??

What's different about newer ST205's over older ones? maybe the addition of airbags? from what age??

I've seen GT4's in Red, Blue, Black, White and silver, also I've only seen one mica Green one, would that have been standard colour or a re-spray??

I currently own a Honda Prelude Si-VTEC import and feel like a turbo car would be a nice upgrade!

Thanks for any help! :thumbsup:

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first hi and welcome to the family

good choice of motor

not sure of importers but happen to know fensport have a very nice black one for sale give them a ring for details

gt4 wrc was the homologation special edition it has a few extras like anti lag and an intercooler spraybar but these two items are not functional they were put on for homologation reasons

twin entery turbo's are designed to have less lag there are two ports into the turbine housing instead of the usual one this keeps gas speed up thereby giving it more energy to turn the turbine

fast sticks like glue but can be provoked if required

ease of licence loss

some bits are awkward eg clutch but general servicing is easy enough power can safly be increased to about 300-320 bhp without concern all thats required up to about 380 bhp are forged pistons

newer ones have hid headlamps tougher engines and a few other revisions the gt4 owners club site should give you more info on specs

if it was a dark green mica then it is a genuine colour but very rare

hope this helps

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Good choice, as dawesy said these cars are an easy way to loose your licence. lol

So the first mod i would buy would be snooper to stop the damn filth from gatso-ing you up. :lol:

After 1995 they included airbags as standard, unfortunately my car was one of the last to have no airbags. but hey i guess the car is lighter so what the hey. :lol:

But a question for dawesy, you said the later models had tougher engines?

What exactly do you mean?

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Thanks for the warm invite, and for the information!

You said about the anti-lag and intercooler spray bar where added but don't work? Can they be made to work with a little bit of playing, what's the point of putting on items that don't work, surely adding weight to a car that boasts being light for the power??

In my search for a nice Celica, should I stick to 1995+ models??

Is there any common faults with them??

When I brought my prelude they say that disc's are easily warped, synco's go etc etc?? Anything similar on the Celica??

What's the URL for the GT4 Owners Club site??

Cheers ppl! :thumbsup:

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the very last st205's had a few differences in the engine department thick wall block different cams i think the crank is a little diferent too.

the intercooler spray can be made to work as can the antilag but i wouldn't advise making anti lag functional with a std turbo as it wont last very long stg 2 turbo req for reliable anti lag.

the address for the gt4 oc is www.gt4oc.com you should find all the info you need to make sure you get a good one

let us know how you get on

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Thanks for the info again!

Will let you know when a GT4 comes into my posession, currently I'm looking at a black WRC on a 94 with 58K on the clock, but it's £8950 They also have a stock GT4 in black same ish sort of mileage on a 95 for £8450.

And the bloke who owns Japanese Direct Imports (who comes highly recommended) has got a GT4 in Black for £7250

The decisions!

That's why I'm trying to get the exact details of what a GT4 WRC has over a GT4, but there isn't a lot of info about!

Also just one quick question, how can you tell if it's a genuine WRC?? is there any chassis numbers etc that gives it away??

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To tell you the truth it doesnt make much diffrence.

See the WRC's (Real Ones) are chassis numbers up to 5000 ish so in the format of ST205-000XXXX

But the later cars had things like Airbags, Better wheels, side skirts standard etc

Performance wise i think the wrc and standard GT4's are identical (as long as you dont enable the antilag which is an engine killer anyhow) and the WRC bits are pretty much for show (especially the Antilag).

See my car has a chassis number in the mid 9000's which makes me think it isnt a proper WRC even though the dealer told me it was.

I have the high level spoiler, the bonnet spoiler, the antilag and the water spray. But my chassis number is way too late to make it a wrc really so i can only assume the dude who owned it before me in japan must have fitted all the WRC bits to it.

Oh well. At the end of the day the performance parts for a standard GT4 are the same parts for a WRC GT4. And lets face it who leaves a GT4 100% standard really? :thumbsup:

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Forgive me for being stupid, but what does the WRC Water Spray look like, I had a look at the WRC Celica on my way home, and there was no more pipes near the inter cooler than there was on the standard GT4 sitting next to it.

Also, wouldn't the water spray be a good idea to activate??

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fits behind the bumper so im told and yes it would be a good move. the cooler the inlet temps the better

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gt4_wrc some wrcs, very limited, were produced on higher than 5000 chassis numbers. To use the parts up.


Thanks dose.

Hey by the way whats with the scooby?

Have you ditched the GT4?

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