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As a 21year old with no no claims bonus I have stumbled across the cheap to insure Paseo. Unfortunatly its a little girly for me and I was wondering does anyone know of any good sites that supply body kits and performance products for Toyota's little baby coupe???????

Also any suggestions of how best to mod this car? :thumbsup:

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I'd help you but you just insulted me..... :lol: :P


there is a big talk all on seos here. the title is labelled "how many ppl here own a seo?" u cant miss it, its gotta be the biggest thread here!

most things to do with seos have passed thru it, so check it out.

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What's wrong w/ a paseo?

Answer: NOTHING!!

I've owned mine for like over 2 1/2 years now.. and I'm in love w/ it! Its such a fun car to drive! and it's great on gas! and also.. when u deck it out.. you NEVER see another decked out paseo.. it's great! so original! :D

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there is quite a big following for the paseo/Cynos. more info can be found on www.paseopimp.com.

body kits are available from Jetspeed, xracing, onderground booster tuning & a few others.

if you think the paseo is too girly - drive down a high street & see how many look at your car.


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