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Something About Gear Oil


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Hi guys!

for several months I've been searching for info trying to figure out why my gear box started to fail from 3 to 2, and the only way to stick down is double declutching.

So a few minutes ago I found this, it was in spanish so I translated it as best as I could. It was eye-opener... :eek:

DONT MESS UP WITH GEAR OIL as I did. Ill replace it again tomorrow with API GL-3, to see what happens now. Lady Carina: Please forgive me, I shouldn't have trusted the OIL CENTER... :unsure:

The text is this:

Present classification A.P.I contains six designations, establishing the quality for a specific service.

API-GL-1: Service characteristic of axes with conical or helical gears and manual transmissions in smooth conditions that can work with refined pure mineral oil. They can take antirust, Anti-corrosive, antiespumantes and depressing additives of the freezing point.

API-GL-2: Service characteristic of axes with conical gears that work in conditions of load, temperature and speed superior to the API-GL-1.

API-GL-3: Typical service of manual transmissions and axes with conical gears, in moderately severe conditions of speed and load.

API-GL-4: Service characteristic of gears, particularly hypoid, working at high speed to low load, and low speed with high loads. They protect against bordered the surfaces on contact.

API-GL-5: Typical service of hypoid gears working at high speed, dynamic load; high speed to low load and low speed with high loads. They assure better protection the surfaces in contact that service API-GL-4.

API-GL-6: Service characteristic of gears, specifically the hypoid with sliding limited in conditions of high speed with high loads and yields. Its use is typical in differentials in which the use of the system of blockade of both is frequent palieres. They protect of optimal way against the bordered one of surfaces.

Hope this helps some guys besides me...

Cheers from BA


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