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New Here - Advice Please!


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Afternoon all,

I'm just about to trade my BMW 328 in for a black N/A Supra import. It's a '98 and has 50,000 on the clock.

Now I know nothing about Supras apart from the fact that I love the look of them, so is there anything in particular I should be looking out for when I go to test drive the car? I'm buying from a dealer, so should he convert the speedo for me etc....? And will the stereo work ok?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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The dealer should convert ur speedo for u.... make sure he does an elctronic conversion not just one of them silly spedo stickers (which I very much doubt he'd use). Also ask he should have also added a frequency expander on the radio to allow u to pick up the full range of uk radio stations. Remember to take a close look for accident damage

Have a look at the following sites for more info:



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From what I've read, the N/A is 6.6 secs 0-60. If this is the case then it's more than quick enough for me. I'm not really into destroying people at the lights, I just want a lovely looking motorway machine with plenty of go.

I know the TT is blisteringly quick, but in turn isn't it really heavy on petrol and insurance.

The model I've seen is in absolute mint condition and the interior actually looks brand new.

So, are you all telling me I'm going to be disapointed with the performance? is it really that bad?

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I've got a TT myself.... but have driven a NA version aswell... the NA is quick, although if u compare it to the TT there is a fair difference, especially at high end speeds, but other than that I think the handeling is more or less the same. And also the I'd rather have the NA version than many other cars out there.

I suppose its sensible to get a NA version if insurance and MPG is an issue.

The only thing is.... if ur into modding cars u won't be able mod it like u can with the TT :).

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True, plus insuarance may not work out cheaper, as the n/a will be an import and command import premiums, whereas you could buy a UK model TT.

I totally agree.... I suggest you get some quotes for a UK TT and the NA Supra... if there isn't much difference and the MPG is not a problem then got for the NA. But if MPG is a issue stick with the NA... cos the TT is thirsty.... especially if u drive it hard

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Cheers fellas.

That all seems to make sense to me. Think I'll get a few insurance quotes for a uk TT just for comparison.

It's just the one I'm interested in is in such good condition.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks again. :thumbsup:

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