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Laugh Or Cry?


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Oh good grief! :eek:

Hope it's emulsion paint.

So, what did he say? "I left the kids alone with a large pot of paint. I didn't see that happening".

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That would take the cheeky buggers all of three seconds! My little monkey got his nappy/barrier cream all over his arms, his face the carpet and ate some of it in the few seconds it took for me to put him in his room, turn around, close the stair gate and go back to his room.

And it was my fault for leaving it on his floor.

At least he though it was funny! :lol: That picture just tops it all though. I feel for you friend. Ouch! That looks like gloss too.

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Yeah we had two. Could easily belive they were capable of getting the goods all they have to do is see you painting and bam they want to help too.

I dont know about your friend but i'm rolling about here splitting my sides, with any luck he can claim the insurance, wont do any good getting the kids cleaned up though.

Man that is some picture but I can't help laughing. good post :lol:

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