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Toyota Japan Contact Needed


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Hi everyone :P

My local UK Toyota garage hasn't been very helpful in trying to identify the paint code for external trim. The external body colour and internal trim colour are identified.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to contact Toyota Japan so that I can identify paint codes? :hokus-pokus:


Jamie :thumbsup:

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ok i know i'm stateing the obvious here but it's on a little plate under you're bonnet,the last time my car was in for repairs i had to get a new bumper from japan,but it had to be ordered by toyota here in cork,so the store guy rang me one day and asked me to read off the code from the plate,but they only come plain so it had to be sprayed. :lol:

why not e-mail the main toyota web site for the u.k. surely they could help/point you in the right direction........

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Hi Srd,

Yup, the plate in the engine bay only gives two codes: body and trim. The trim code is internal trim colour (which can't be matched by a UK paint specialist anyhow). :blink:

My local Toyota dealer made enquiries within the UK, and really I got they impression they couldn't be that bothered to go any further. :crutchy:

I could try the UK website, but I got the impression that only Toyota Japan keep records of all paint codes used on their models. This does seem reasonable.

Oh well, put it all down to experience.... <_<

Then there's the mirror switch that the Cobra alarm guy bust, and I'm 9 months down the line trying to get a replacement for it. :censor:


Jamie :beer:

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Like srd said, usually the code under the bonnet shows the colour which can be matched. However, there are certain circumstance when the code on the plate does not corresponde to any of the colours. This usually happens where the car has 2 tone paintwork, i.e. black but bottom part of the car is silver. Based on the colour code under the bonnet, individual colour has be tracked down.

Now, what is the colour code on your car?

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