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Celica Rust Problems (photos)


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Here are some shots of the rust on my Celica:


My mechanic gave the car a going over for the first time a week ago, and afterwards he told me that the car has some serious rust issues. He is saying it may not pass the national car test, and future corrosion might be a serious prob.

Since these photos, I've invested in a new fuel filler neck (that one was rusted pretty bad).

Would be grateful if anyone could give me advice on what could be done to sort out the rust probs and prevent future corrosion. I know of lads who've had rust sorted out on old AE86's so hopefully something can be done. Also, how expensive is that kind of body work?

thanks for any help

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Not a pretty sight !!!! :(

Likewise I would try to sell it, it would probibly cost a small fortune to treat / repair and I would have thought it was not worth it.

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I`ve seen an awful lot worse. :yes: A lot of that corrosion is surface rust. Especially on the thicker metal parts like the subframes and track control arms. (Try giving it a brisk scrub with a decent wire brush) The worse part is the flat panel above what looks like the exhaust box.

I`ll be honest with you. Judging from those few pics. I think your mech is trying it on. If you`ll take some free advice. Take it to a recomended body specialist and ask for an independent check. Explain that you`re willing to pay for his time but want an unbiassed assesment. I think you`ll come away a happier man. slightly poorer though.

From what i can see all you need to do is spray everything with a couple of coats of waxoyl and possibly the odd welded patch.. That`d tide you over for a while. The ideal situation would be to take it off the road for a week or two, dismantle a few bits, clean, paint and reassemble. It` would look a hundred times better. Whats the condition of the car on the bodywork, wings etc? What model celi is it? :unsure::thumbsup:

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It's a 1995 ST202 GT, previously owned by Mr.Fill from this very site (who lives beside the sea!). And yup, I'm the guy who sold a fairly mint SS1, although I reckon that car had been clocked at some point (55,000 on a 94).

Thanks for the helpful response datkari :)

Yes, I've decided that I will take it to a specialist for a look. From what you've said though, it's not all doom and gloom :D. And the other panesl/bodyparts seem fine. I'm willing to Shell out a bit of cash if necessary, hopefully it won't be too expensive.

I really like this car and don't want to sell again.

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It doesn't look bad at all mate, I think he's winding you up. Best bet would be to actually take the car for an MOT test - they will tell you exactly what the problem is, if it's a failure issue.

MOT testers do seem to be anal about rust on brake and fuel lines, that again is usually just surface rust. A quick wire brush and a coating of waxoyl/tar paint BEFORE the MOT tester see's it usually does the job.

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Good man. Let us know how you get on :thumbsup:

Well colin thats the thing with a uk spec salted roads if i was you id sell her on ad get yourself a jap one no milage and no rust ive got a 93 gen six and its like new underneath no rust im working on a jap ae86 at the moment it like a 06 underneath not an 86 ive been down the road of cutting out rust back chassie legs and pockets on the twincams ts not worth the hassel the NCT boys like to go poking around under your car with there little torch and bar to bang everything to see if its solid especially if they see shults and you know they go to town on the done up cars.

Go jap you will never go back!!

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Not the worst I have seen by a long shot, what you need to do is get it wire brushed clean and sprayed with wax oil. If you cant' get it sprayed then you can brush it on but spraying it would be better, as it would get into those hard to reach places.

Watch things like the petrol tank straps and the break lines. I bust through a brake line on my wife's mondeo giving it a wire brush before the last MOT. and the car was idle until I changed it, to be honest it looked pretty bad before I scraped it with a brush and I was kind of expecting it.

I would not waste any money on getting the car checked out but put that towards getting the car treated with wax oil, it helps prefent further rust and is good stuff. I think if I was you I would be planning to get it brushed and sprayed immediately, and once again before the next winter. remember to get inside the boot cills sprayed too, and the doors if you can manage it .

I sprayed almost 3 gallons of wax oil on my car in Jan, (20 quid per gallon so not the too expensive) it was a very thick coat and I stripped all the brakes etc off for the job, you will nead to bag all of that up as you dont want wax oil on your brake disks or pads. Make sure you get the black wax oil as the clear/white stuff does not look so good after a few days. If you brake disks are rusty or worn then you may be better re-furbing the brakes at the same time as doing the wax oiling. Pitty your as far away my rates are not too bad :thumbsup:

Do not use body schutz this is crap and covers rust does not do the same job as wax oil. Their are a fair few people indicating they would sell and re-buy, you may want to give that soem serious thought.

good luck with it anyway

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