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Vvtl-i - Locking Pin / Hi-cam Activation

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The 2zz-ge has a locking pin device which works from oil pressure, once locked it forces the hi-cam setting at 6000rpm set by the ECU. – Im not sure how Honda change the duration of ‘lift’, but I’d like to know and find out. Then compare..

The locking pin used in the 2zz-ge has got me a little concerned for the reliability / life of the motor. You know that kick in your pants you get when you hit 6k in the CTS or Celica, well the reason the power is like an ON / OFF switch is cause the locking pin has jammed itself under the high-speed follower, causing the follower to lock and let the juices flow. But, the high speed follower moves very fast and the locking pin can kick-back easily and damage when activating hi-cam. Once this pin wears enough buy kick-back’s the 2zzge will not enter hi-cam at all. I’m not sure how long these pins take to were?!, but this is definitely an issue of the future CTS owners.

Love to hear your input...



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The toyota method looks far more durable than the honda setup, with 60+psi oil pressure pushing the lock pin I hardly see a kick back problem. I'm sure the reason it took toyota a little longer to produce this lift system was due to testing time of several designs, to determine which was best.

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I wouldn't have thought toyota would launch an engine like 2zz-ge onto the market without proper testing first anyway, and surely they wouldn't want to ruin their reputation by using devices that will break in a few years :blink:

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yeah i'd say it should be fine... I'm sure they run the motors well pass 100,000 miles under load before selling them..

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This page http://autozine.kyul.net/technical_school/...gine/vvt_31.htm

gives a good overview of Toyota VVTL-i, Honda i-VTEC, Porsche

Variocam and Rover VVT systems for anybody interested.

The Toyota system seems to be the only one to vary timing throughout

the range and lift at the high end on both inlet and exhaust valves.

Impressive stuff.



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I guess that it would very difficult for somebody to drive most of the time above 6000rpm and this will reduce the longtherm wear of the engine. I do not think that Toyota "put" the excess performance at 6K for everyday use.

The max speed at 2nd gear (99km/h) is already higher than the speed limit in my nearest national road (90km/h)! I do not care too much for few tickets but there always practical problems for running above 6k (... the traffic lights are not too far!)

The engine is very nice anyway and I enjoyed its performance up to 4000rpm during the break-in period. I could go fast in bends even with the 6th gear! So, it is hard now to push it above 4K-5K-6K rpm, while I could shift to 4-5-6th gear still going very fast. It is also this booming engine "noise" above 4K that "pushes" you to upshift if you love your car.

I feel though that it is good to have the full power in some cases....

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I asked from my dealer about the duration such a high revving engine as 2zz-ge is. He said that no worries, Toyota has tested it over 100 000 km revs over 6000 (in lift). He also said that tuned 2zz-ge can be revved up to 15000 revs/minute without blowing. I don´t know if this is true or bs. But if it is true I think it is quite long-lasting machine...

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15k rpm heeeheeee. maybe if you spent A$500,000.

but ........ TRD Japan makes a kit worth A$8,000 that changes the engine's peak power delivery from 7800rpm to 8200 rpm (or 8350 if it's still spinning).

like all TRD Japan stuff, it's !Removed! expensive, but at least then there won't be any disagreements about when to change to the next gear ;)

check it out here .... http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/u...2zz-engine.html

and here .... http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/u...ine-2zz-ge.html

i can't read japanese and the translation is terrible, but some interesting numbers are a 70kg weight reduction and the compression ratio is increased from 11.5 to 13.

best regards,


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Yeah, like I said the point was about the durability not the price but the story about the high revs like 15 000 might be BS <_< (and propably is :censor: ...) and very expensive...but I still think that Toyota has tested it and it lasts well be in lift zone...and it is built for it :D

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i think there are some myths about what VVTI does,

it is correct that it is on a constant variation depending on factors governed by imputs from the driver and engine.

and it is also true that the system is a hydraulic activated system, but where as most people belive that the VVTI system causes the surge, and thereby provides a power band like Hondas V-Tec this is not true.

the surge is caused by Harmonics of the engine, and the varible tract on the inlet manifold.

all that the VVT system does on the car is change variables to keep the engine running at maximum effeciancy and providing the best emmisions for the conditions

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