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Banzai And Retro Cars


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Hi guys, just to let u know, ive sent a little email to banzai about being off form and good manners about kicking people when their down :D though dont think they will really be interested in a modded up oldskool celica :D :D

But while i was at it, i sent one to retro cars, who i think might be more interested! who knows the may take the bait, as they only see cosworth power or vetec usually!!!

Watch this space......

Only not to closely, who knows :thumbsup:

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Scot i got the impression that they were not knocking the car, only that they thought it could do with a bit of a restore.

i know Joe at Banzai reasonably well and hes the type who WOULD feature your car when completed

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Good luck pal - you deserve a feature mate........ :D

that was kind of u, but for the car to really deserve it, it would take a few more years :-)

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Hey guys, this is the response ive gotten from retro cars:

"Hello Scot,

Cheers for your email. Car sounds like it's going to be a right laugh when it's

done. Let me know when you're there, we'd love to run something on it.

Best regards,


Retro Cars Ed"

Looks promising :D

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Lots of things like calling ex work experience people up for interviews, asking them to present ideas for features, not giving them a job & then running all there ideas over the following three months :ffs:

(I wrote nasty letters but they didn't bite :angry:)

The other prob is all the features are written by freelancers & Simon is also editor of Classic Ford (or was), editor of Fast Ford drives a Saxo (:blink:), editor of mini magazine drives a 206 (:blink:), Total Car Audio editor is scary :lol:...

There's a lot of contradictions basically, I think Simon is the only guy there who is an actual enthusiast & I personally think thats wrong (end of rant :P)

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Its like steve driving a lexus not a toyota.................

Just kidding :-)


Thing is while I was there I was telling the assistant editor stuff I feel she should have known....I'll shut up now! :P

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Hey guys, this is the response i got from Banzai:

"Apologies, Scot. Though it's good to hear the Celica is actually being restored. I just assumed it had been recently bought, was due a resto and that my comment would simply encourage the owner to get on with it. Maybe I shouldn't make assumptions like that again! ;-)

I would like to include this email in the next Letters page so all the other readers can also see what you've been up to....


Joe Clifford


Seems like a very nice chap indeed :D

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