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More Corolla T Sport Dyno Results

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Hi all,

Had my Corolla T sport tested on a dyno this week. All dyno tests were run on 5th gear.

1) Original Toyota air filter

Engine power: 138,1 kW @ 7680 1/min

Power at wheels: 121,5 kW @ 7680 1/min

Max. torque: 183 Nm @ 6760 1/min

2) with K&N filter panel (K&N part no. 33-2252)

Engine power: 142,3 kW @ 7950 1/min

Power at wheels: 122,2 kW @ 7950 1/min

Max. torque: 187 Nm @ 6850 1/min

Summary: Basically results confirm what has been posted here earlier...with K&N filter installed and at lower engine speeds <4000 rpm engine power and torque are slightly less compared to original filter. But from 4500+ rpm I was able to get 4,2 kW / 4 Nm gain in engine power / torque.

Will post the dyno print outs if I can find a scanner somewhere....

Right, what next...?

br Petri

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Hi Petri,

Where did you took the test and what does it cost here in Finland?



I was on a holiday in Turku and had some spare time...so I went to "Autosähkö ja dieselhuolto Häkkinen Oy" in Turku. Dyno test cost me 60 EUR.



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Not really --- but my initial perception was that kick at 6k was smoother or less noticeable. Don't know, it just feels like it. Second, I felt the the booming noise at 4k / highway speeds was again less noticeable. The intake sound may have a "deeper tone" in my opinion, but again...this is just how i feel it. Maybe someone else have an opinion?

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