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Mk4 Tt Smoking


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I have a '93 Supra TT Mk4 import - about 80,000 miles on the clock.

Ever since a toyota dealer did a major service back in Feb this year, and put the wrong oil in (10W40) the car puffs smoke on startup. I had the oil flush and the correct oil put in 3 months later when I became aware of their error.

I only get smoke when the engine has fully cooled down after driving at least about 20 miles.

The smoke is a whitish/blue colour, which would tend to indicate coolant/oil.

But the oil level only seems to go down as you would normally expect. And the coolant seems fine!

Also the smoke only lasts about 2-3 seconds and only during a cold start.

During warmup and normal temperature driving there is absolutly no smoke, even with my foot to the floor.

I wondered if anyone had experienced this and could offer some advice before I spend 100(0)'s having it investigated.

Many thanks

New member!

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What oil do you normally use??

I wouldnt worry at the moment, but does sound like valve stem seals, if it only does it when cold, if it was at tickover when hot then it points towards tubo seals.

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I normally use 5W30 fully synthetic (as recommended in the owners manual)

I thought valve stem seals also.

The amount of smoke produced decreased considerably after I had 10W40 flushed and the 5W30 put in.

I think I will wait and see, put it in the back of my mind, and continue enjoying driving the car!

If it gets worse (especially if it smokes whilst driving), then I guess its time to open my wallet

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sounds like valve seals possibly if the oil was too thin it caused a bit of wear or moved some sluge dont worry if its not too bad

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