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My "horse" Wont Start!


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Hello all! is there any help available for a lost and broke soul? today the "horse" wont start i am not competent when it comes to the repair of cars...i do learn quickly and need her to find work! the following are the details that should help with at least a good faith diagnosis of the car:

celica, 89, 200,000+ miles

car will not start, started having this problem yesterday (july 30, 2003)

thought it was Battery...replaced Battery and car started! (july 30, 2003)

there are oil leaks

the rubber gasket is ruptured

one of the spark plug "tubes" is ruptured and oily inside

the Battery and brake lights are on

I can provide more details upon request...i can assure you that any assistance will be appreciated and that individual(s) will not be forgotten!

until then...take care & thank you in advance!

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go on and get yourself a cheapy voltmeter. test the Battery before starting. should be 12.5v or more. Now start the car(or get a jump) and check it while it's running. should be over 13v. If it is'nt then your alternator is the culprit. If you've got a new Battery and the alternator checks out then you've got something sucking it down while it's off.

The brake light on may be your e-brake lever is up a bit. Or you may be low on brake fluid, check it.

The Battery light is on, well, because your battery is dead. follow steps above. And definately fix as much of the other problems as you can,especially the plugs-wires-cap-rotor, easy to do.

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