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Stock Corolla Head Unit

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hi all

i have a small problem involving my corolla's stock head unit. one of my friends has got a new kenwood and given me his old one (model, KDC-3080R) with some wires sticking out of the back the problem is that i have no idea how to wire it in (i know how to get the old one out though.) i have been told that i can buy a "harness adaptor kit"? but that comes with one end with a multi-plug & the other is nothing but wire, so what could i do about that

is there any where that will do this "kit" for my (no laughing please) 1988 1.3 corolla gl it's fine for me until i can afford a gti.

many many thanks in advance

wonnacorollagti or danny

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What you need to do is splice the wires on the back of the receiver to the bare wires of the harness, then just plug the harness into the vehicles matching harness, the ones that came out of your factory unit. The wires may have writing on them to indicate what is what.. if so, just match them up and splice. If not, you may have to do some research to determine what is what. The important wires are the yellow (constant power), red (switched ignition power), and black (ground). That'll get it up and running, then you have to figure out the speaker wires. If you need more help, let me know.


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There are two types of harness adapter kits.

1) Connects to original wiring loom to give you ISO colour coded wires to connect anything you want to it (in this case your head unit) or,

2) Connects to original harness but comes with a standard ISO plugs attached to allow an ISO harness headunit to be attached.

Some headunits have am ISO plug in the back, others have the manufacturers plugs but the wiring it comes with offen ends in an ISO plug. I think Kenwoods use a ISO plug on the back, so option 2 is the easiest. I have fitted a few head units this way to save time. If you want the Toyota wiring colours to splice in the bare harness you have then let me know.

Without knowing where you are (like country!!!) I can't recommend a good place to shop for one. Powerleads make one I believe (well both types actually).

As for the car, the 88' Corolla has the same stereo harness as a 95' Celica, Toyota are good like that!!

Hope this is of some help,


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