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New Clutch Woes :(


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Hi guys, got a new clutch fitted today, only to discover that on the way home it started knocking loudly. :crybaby:

It isn't really when the clutch is being engaged, but it is pretty much every time i press the accelerator fairly sharply, and when i take my foot off the accelerator it makes this, clicking, knocking noise.. It's as if something is loose.

as you can probably tell I'm certainly no expert, taking it back tomorrow, just wanted to know what it's likely to be so i don't sound like a complete noob when i tell them.

Thanks for any advice you can give me :help:

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Sounds like someone forgot to do a bolt up. Could be any of the following.

Engine mount, or bolt (Likely)

Gearbox mount, or bolt. (Likely)

Cross member mounting bolt. (Likely)

Lower arm bolt or bush.(Unlikely)

Starter motor bolts. (Unlikely)

Drive shaft or CV joint not properly engaged.

They should have test driven it before giving it back to you. I would raise hell when you`ve found out what it is. Poor service. :yes:

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All sorted now :D

The clowns had the cheek to say it was doing it all along, but i didn't notice before because the clutch was slipping :huh:

But they fixed it for me, like they were doing me a favour.

What was causing it in the end?

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They said it was loose where the driveshaft goes through the hub, and that it must have been like that before it took it in.

It wasn't. they definitely just forgot to tighten everything up but wouldn't admit it.

It's soooo good now, you don't really notice a clutch deteriorate, now with the instant bite it feels like i've added a turbo :D

I guess i'd still recommend them to anyone in the preston area that needs a new clutch, they were a good £70 cheaper than anywhere else i could find.

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